There are many candidates every year from all over Pakistan who are interested to join Pak navy result force. Those who are interested to join Pak navy result have to follow some procedures for joining. You can apply online on the original website of the join Pak navy result. while applying online you have to need your documents and you have to put some personal information on the given form for join pak navy result.


Here we can tell you how you can check the results of your joining. First, a written test is taking from you by the join Pak navy result management or authority. In order to join Pak navy, you have to follow some selection procedure or process. in this process first you have to apply to join Pak navy. the second step is the test date which is given by the join Pak navy result authority. in the third stage, you have to attempt the written test on the given date. after test results announce.

How To Check to join Pak Navy Result

you can check your result on your computer or mobile browser online.

First, you have to open your mobile or computer browser and then you have to write join Pak navy result in google. many results websites will be open on your google tab but you have to find and click on the official website of join Pak navy result. link of the official website is given below

after clicking this link the official website of join Pak navy result will be opened in front of you. On the official website, there will be three options in front of you which are given below.

Registration Form for join Pak navy

it is an application form that is necessary for the joining process. if you are applying to join Pak navy then you have to click on the registration form where you have to put your personal information. you can apply for join Pak navy result through this registration form by putting all the details and information asked in this registration form. you have to put all the information correctly and carefully. do not put any wrong information otherwise, your registration will be canceled.

Registration Slip for join Pak navy

The second option is given in front of you is the registration slip. if you had applied for join Pak navy result then a registration slip needed to attempt the written test. you can download your registration slip by click on it. Registration slip contained information like your roll number your examination date and also where you have to attempt the written test for join Pak navy result also included the time of your test. after applying for the join Pak navy result from the authority of join Pak navy result gave you the test date. you can download your test slip which contains all the information about your written test


The third option is the result. if you had applied for the join Pak navy result and also you had attempted the test then now you can check the result of your written test or interview or any type of test which you had attempted to join Pak navy.

you have to click on the Result option after clicking on the result next page is opened in front of you

in the next page you have to put your CNIC number to check your result

after putting the CNIC number click on the submit option. your result opened in front of you

In other way join Pak navy authorities will send you a text message on your given number that you passed the test and they will guide you for further process.

sometimes they don’t send any message on your mobile and also while you are checking online your result on the official website it shows an error when you enter your CNIC number to check your result. if an error has appeared while you are checking your result it means you failed in written test and they did not select you for join pak navy result

But if your result will show on your computer screen then congrats join pak navy result selected you for your given interview and if they didn’t then don’t be sad as you learned something from this test and you can try next time as join Pak navy result offers many of their courses three times in a year which I mentioned in my other section you can read the whole section in which you will know when and how you can apply for another course.

You can apply for registration here.

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