join pak navy entry test

If you have any interest to join Pak navy entry test then you should know how can you apply for join pak navy entry test and which test you are going to give if you don’t know what type of things you are going to face for join Pak navy entry test then don’t worry as here on this platform I am explaining everything in easy words so that you can understand well I already explain about applying and registration process but here I am going to tell you that what type of question you will read in the written test of join Pak navy entry test and also these MCQs are the most asking MCQs for this test so read carefully if you are going to apply then maybe you can get some MCQs from this section.

join pak navy entry test

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Types of MCQs for join Pak navy Entry test

If you are thinking that what type of MCQs you are going to solve for join pak navy entry test then don’t worry as they asked those questions or MCQs related to your previous class if you applied for join pak navy entry test after inter then in your test they will ask those question which you read in your inter’s class same like after applying metric.

probably you will be thinking that from which subjects they will ask you for join Pak navy entry test then let me tell you another thing they will ask you questions from English, Math, Pak Study, Physics and some others subject too related to your field. Now I am going to tell you the most repeated questions and you should know the answers to them so you can join the Pak navy, lets start our main part of this section.

Pak Study test for join pak navy Entry test

If you are a lover of Pak study or our history then you will know that how much importance these questions are which repeated in the test of join Pak navy entry test.

MCQs To join Pak navy entry test

1 what is the name of our first prime minister?

There you will see four options but just remember our first prime minister’s name which is Liyaqat Ali Khan and select that option.

2 which city of Pakistan is Bresilla of our beloved country or which city known as Brasilia of Pakistan?

If you don’t know about that question then let me tell you that Islamabad is that city which is also known as Brasilia of Pakistan.

3 Which is the first country that recognizes Pakistan after its creation?

Iran is that country that recognizes our country after its creation as Iran located near Pakistan our borders are also the same as Baluchistan which is called the Taftan border.

4 Do you know about Franz’s moment if yes then tell us who started that moment?

Haji Shariat Ullah is the man who started Fraiz’s moment.

5 which is the longest river here in our country?

River Sindh is the largest river in Pakistan.

6 who suggested Pakistan’s name for the first time?

Chaudhry Rehmat Ali was that man who suggests Pakistan’s name for our country.

7 After when or how many years our country gets its first constitution?

After 9 years Pakistan gets its first constitution.

8 First president of Pakistan was….?

Iskander Mirza was the first President of Pakistan.

9 …….is also called the city of perfume.

Hyderabad is that city which is known as the City of Perfume.

10 …….is the Gateway of Pakistan.

Karachi is that city which is the Gateway Of Pakistan which is also known as the City of Lights as well.

11. Multan is the oldest city in Pakistan.

12. If you don’t know the national color of Pakistan then let me tell you that White and Green is the National color of our beloved country.

13. National Museum of Pakistan is located in Karachi.

14. National motto of Pakistan is Faith, Unity, and Discipline.

15. National river mountain and Masjid are Indus river, Shah Faisal Masjid and K-2 is our national mountain.

16. Sugarcane Juice is our national juice.

17 Here it’s a very important question is that who composed our national anthem or the music of our beloved country anthem was composed by Ahmed G- Chagla written by Hafiz Jalandhri and its duration is one minute twenty seconds

18. National tree of Pakistan is Deodar.

19. Hockey is our national game.

20. If you think that 14 August is the national day of Pakistan then let me tell you that 23 March of the day which is known as our national day Youm-e-Pakistan national resolution.

21. In 1957 war of independence was fought.

22. In 1875 Muhammad Anglo oriental school.

23. Lord Curzon was the viceroy at the time of the partition of Bengal.

24. Sir Agha khan was the first president of the Pakistan Muslim League.

25. Mithibai Jinnah was the mother of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

26. Dhaka was the city where the Muslim League was founded.

27. If you think Quaid-e-Azam mother tongue was Urdu or Punjabi or Hindi then you are wrong as his mother tongue was Gujrati.

28. 8611 f is the height of k-2 which is the second-highest peak in the world.

29. K-2 also know as Godwin Austin.

30. Shahrah-e-karakaram of Paksitan starts from Hasan abdal.

31. China Pakistan Economic corridor which also known as the name of CPEC total length is 2442 km.

32. You know NADRA but do know that first-time NADRA was established in 2000.

33. Saima Baig was the first Pakistani woman who reached the top of Mount Everest.

34. In 1952 Sui Gas was found.

35. On December 16, 1916, Lucknow pact was a sign between Congress and the Muslim League.

36. Ameer-ud-din Qadwai was the man who prepared Pakistan’s flag first time.

37. IB is the oldest intelligence of Pakistan.

38. Senate of Pakistan Compromise 104 members.

39. Rorhi station is the longest railway platform in Pakistan.

40. Bahadur Shah Zafar was the last king of the Mughal Empire.

41. Emibai was the first wife of Quaid-e-Azam.

42. Nishan-e-Pakistan is the highest civil award.

43.Muhammad Sarwar was the first person who holds the Niahan-e-Haider award.

44. All India Muslim league was founded in 1906 in Dhaka and Muhammad Ali Jinnah joined All Muslim league in 1913.

45. In 1928 Simon’s commission visited India.

46. Total 4 governors ruled over Pakistan and India before their partition.

47. Yoam-e-Takbeer is the day when Pakistan became Nuclear power.

48. Muhammad Bin Qasim conquered Sindh in 712 AD.

These are some important and repeat questions for join pak navy written to test these are just Pak study question I will tell you some repeated questions of English and math too in another section so if you think you can pass that test then tell another who needs to know these all MCQs.NOTE: Don’t depend on these MCQs for join pak navy entry test to prepare yourself for the test it’s just a repeated MCQs which maybe you can see in the test. Visit this site for your join pak navy result.

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