A.o.a dear brothers and sisters hope you are all doing well today’s our topic is how you can join pak navy as Pn cadet as this is most asking questions from our viewers so I decided to cover this question as you know we almost gave all type of information in our website which is very helpful for you if you are going to apply for Join pak navy as Pn cadet please visit that site after this.

Join pak navy as Pn cadet

Join Pak navy as Pn cadet

Here in this section, I am going to explain everything about PN cadets if you are interested in Join Pak navy as Pn cadet then read this carefully.

What is PN cadets?

PN cadet is a course offered by the Pakistan navy for a youngster of Pakistan who are interested to join pak navy as Pn cadet.In this course, you can become a part of the Pakistan navy and can serve your abilities to the Pakistan navy. You will understand well about PN cadets here.

Salary to Join pak navy as Pn cadet

Let us talk about salary first as this is a very hot topic in our youngsters that how much Pakistan navy will pay you so if you Join Pak navy as Pn cadet then your starting salary will be 44k during your training and when you will complete your two years of service in pak navy then your salary will be increased from your last salary as after two years you complete your study under pak navy and also your rank up due to this your salary increase.

In this course, pak navy provides you free education for you and your family and they also give you free treatment from their hospitals which is very famous all over in Pakistan.

Training Time period to Join pak navy as Pn cadet

Now you will be thinking that how much time period you require to become a sub Lieutenant than let me tell you that you need two years for your training after two years you will be sub-lieutenant.

Working to Join pak navy as Pn cadet

If you are hired as a Pn cadet then let me tell you what will you do in this service of pak navy you will be shipping man means your work will be on ships you will go to different places where pak navy’s ships will go you will also with them and serve your duty during that time period. Your timing will be in the hand of your officers when your officers will say that now during this time you will do your duty and during this time you will rest it is not confirmed so you will follow your orders from your pak navy’s officers.

Promotion when you will Join pak navy as Pn cadet

Pn cadet is a permanent commission course which means you can go on a higher rank of pak navy it depends on you that how much you do hard work and study to achieve your high rank also its needs some experience which you will gain during your service.

Posting to Join pak navy as Pn cadet

Your posting will be in Karachi as we have sea there and ships too so you will go to Karachi for your training and for your duty. If you live far from Karachi then don’t worry as pak navy gives you a 50% discount on your traveling means you can come by air or by train. Your uniform will be white.

your Rank will be 17 if you Join pak navy as Pn cadet also you can visit this site for more details. If you want to join pak navy as SSC then visit this site.