Intro to Join Pak Navy After Inter

Those boys and girls who are searching to Join Pak Navy After Inter must be near 17-18 years old in this age everyone wants to do something actually we should say this is the age when we see any dream for us when we think something by our heart and when we do something so can we prove our self. The same case will be with you that’s why today you are here and reading this section carefully.

I think seeing a dream for you is very important if you want to be a successful person in your life as when we saw any dream then we worked hard for this dream and always think positive but those persons who don’t have any dream they are just living a life without any adventure.

The dream is a thing which put energy to cross our limits and from there we start our new life so if you are here your dream will be to Join Pak Navy After Inter and I wish you will achieve this dream soon just trust on God and yourself and do proper research before going to something.

Join Pak Navy After Inter

If you have desired to join the Pak navy to serve the motherland Pakistan then you can fulfill your desire to Join Pak Navy After Inter easily. Pak navy gives the opportunity to all eligible candidates to fulfill their desires of joining Pak navy to make their future bright.

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Here we will explain or tell you how you can join Pak navy after Inter. if you have passed the inter and you want to Join Pak Navy After Inter then how can you apply to join and for what course you can apply.

After inter, you can apply for PN Cadet courses which Pak navy announced once every year. here we tell you in which branches of PN Cadet you can apply after Inter.

 Courses to Join Pak Navy After Inter

here some branches of PN cadet where you can apply

  • Operation Branch
  • Weapon Engineering Branch
  • Marine Engineering Branch
  • Supply Branch

these are some PN cadet Courses in which you can apply to join the Pak navy after inter.

Eligibility Criteria to Join Pak Navy After Inter

now I will explain some eligibilities of joining the Pak navy after inter.

Marital Status for this course

only unmarried candidates can apply to join the Pak Navy as PN Cadet after inter.

what should be your age to apply

the required age for applying in Pak navy as PN cadet courses after inter is 16 to 21 years.

who can apply for this course (Nationality)

only Pakistani candidates can apply to join the Pak navy after inter-for these courses. the candidates of other countries are not eligible to Join Pak Navy After Inter.


candidates who want to join Pak Navy after inter-as PN Cadet after inter must have a height of 5.4 ft


inter with at least 60% marks with major science subjects( math, physics, computer, chemistry) from HEC recognized institute. in other words, if you have passed Fsc Or ICs then you are eligible to Join Pak Navy After Inter.

Applying Procedure

you have to visit the nearest recruitment center or selection center of the Pakistan navy to join the Pak navy as a PN cadet along with your original documents. the documents that are required for applying the procedure are these


  • Original and photocopies of matric and inter certificates
  • four passport size pictures of the candidate
  • Original CNIC of candidates or Form B
  • Original domicile of the candidate
  • Uncrossed postal order

these documents are required to join the Pak navy as a PN cadet after the inter.

candidates can also apply online by their computer or cell phone by visiting the official website of the Pakistan navy. the link to the official website is given below.

you can apply only when the advertisements of joining as a PN cadet announced or issued by the Pakistan navy selection centers.