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Pak Navy Slip

After the Apply into the Pak Navy through the online Offical Website Portal. You have to Download Your Application Slip. This Slip Helps you to Perform the other tests. Slip and slips details are mentioned in the given Post. Please visit it.

Pak Navy Result

If You Have Done your Registration Process Or Completed. then you have to wait for the Result. After the Result Declare you can check its details through this Post. For More Pak navy Results details please visit the given post link.

Online Registration

Registration process details are mentioned in this post. All the requirements for online registration in the navy are here in this post. However, if you face any issues please contact us through our available channels.

Navy Interview questions

If you are worried about that which types of questions will be asked by officers to you. if you have noted any information about the navy interview then please read this post. guidelines are in the post.

Join Pak Navy

Join Pak Navy as a civilian or as on cadet and SSC these are the normal carrier opportunities provided by the Navy every year. Any inter or Study completed the student can apply for these vacancies. Moreover, you can also apply for any special post in the Navy. Join Pakistan navy is fully Sport his employees.

And today into this article we are going to explain All the previous and all the current details about this topic. Join the Navy is a dream for many of us. Because it’s a fully Awesome job, To Join the Pak navy process, details are explained in this article; please read and follow all the given interactions. 

How to Join Pak Navy In Pakistan?

Join Pak navy in Pakistan is a little bit vs. any other job applying in Pakistan. Because it’s an online process where you have to provide Study and some personal details, Completion of this form, you will receive your test date and done. After passing the test, you will hire for your post—best of luck.

  • Open this website for Join Pak Navy in Pakistan ( navy Jobs )
  • After clicking on the given link, you will see this type of window, And here you have to click on the mentioned tab. It also means these are available jobs in the Pak navy.
  • Now select here your required Pak navy job and click to download the advertisement.
  • Read all the interactions and apply them.

History of Join Pak Navy

If you are going to apply for the Join Pak Navy then let me tell you about the history of the Pakistan navy as It’s a good point to know all about the Pakistan navy before applying for it.

Join Pak Navy
Pak Navy

Quaid-e-Azam was the man who created and build the base of the Pak navy on 14 August 1947 after the partition of Pakistan- India. The first name of the Pak navy was the royal Pakistan Navy after that Royal Pakistan navy’s name was changed to Pakistan Navy and that was the second history of the Pak navy.

Achievements of Join Pak Navy

If we talk about the Join Pak navy’s achievements then it’s the same as the Pakistan army and Pakistan air force as the Pak navy always stands with the Pakistan army and Pakistan air force and Fight together against those our amines who want to destroy our beloved Pakistan.

Operation Dwarka  Pak Navy

In 1965 when Pakistan and India war starts then our Pak navy gives an important rule in this war as this operation Dwarka was handled by the Pak navy which was the first assignation of the Pak navy between Indo Pak war in this mission Pak navy track Indian’s ships and find them after finding they attack their ships at Dwarka our other armies were busy in defending other points like Punjab that’s why they decided to sent Pak navy for the north.

Also in the war of 1971 with India Pakistan navy had a great part in this war as the Pak navy destroy one of the big ships of India in this war where almost 18 officers and 176 sailors died.

Pak navy Courses

After the history of the Pak navy and its achievements, let’s talk about the join Pak navy course where you Can join Pak navy and which courses you need to do for it.

Join Pak Navy
Join Pak navy

Top Three courses of join Pak navy

There are many courses for joining the Pak army but here I am going to tell you the top three courses for joining the Pak navy as every year these three courses get a lot of attention for our youngsters and also many of our boys are eligible for these three courses so let start which three courses where you can apply for join Pak navy.

PN Cadet

PN cadet is largest demand course In join Pak navy and you can apply for this course twice in a year as join Pak navy offer this course two times in a year first add for this course you will see in May and the second add you will see in October. But for this course, first of all, you have to be unmarried as only those young men can apply for this course who did not marry.

Criteria of Join Pak Navy PN Cadet

This is the first course of Pakistan navy and many of our Pakistani apply for this course so let’s talk About this course and let me tell you details about this join Pak navy course.

  • First of all talk about at which age you can apply for this course if you are 16.5-21.
  •  Then you can apply for this course also those people who are in serving and are between 17-23 years.
  • Old they can also apply for this course.
  • Now if you are under this age and want to apply to join Pak navy then your height should be
  • Minimum 5.4’ if your height is less than 5.4’ then sorry you can not apply for this course.
  •  if you Will apply for this course then your application will be deleted and it’s the waste of time and money for yourself so don’t do that.

What is a hope certificate for Join Pak Navy?

Many of you will be thinking that what is hope certificate here let me tell you that don’t worry this the certificate which you can get from your college with the signature of your principal the purpose for this certificate is that you are going to apply to join Pak navy before your second-year result but you had 60% marks or above in your 1st part so hopefully you will also get same or more than that marks in you second-year exam so you can apply for join Pak navy.

Can females apply for this course to Join Pak Navy?

NO, the female can not apply for this course but that does not mean females can not join the Pak navy, Of course, they can join the Pak navy but in this course, they offered other courses for Female Which I will discuss in my article as well so keep reading and get your all answers about Join Pak navy.

After which class we can Join Pak Navy?

Here I am going to tell you that after which class you can join the Pak navy. You should be Qualified

  • HSSC Or A-Level with at least 60% passing marks after that you can apply or join Pak navy Otherwise you are not eligible for join Pak navy.
  • And here is a important thing is that you should pass your some subject with 60% for example
  • Physics, Math and Chemistry or Physics –Math and Computer since, Physics, Math and Statics.
  • Means that physics and math is an important subject for join Pak navy.
  • Those who done with A-Levels will submit their equivalence document.
  • If you are in 2nd year of intermediate for example in part 2 of FSC and you had passed your 1st part with 60% you can also join Pak navy or apply for that But join Pak navy need a hope certificate from you as well that if you don’t get marks in 2nd year then your application will be canceled.

Branches After Training of join Pak Navy

If you complete all these requirements and you are going to start your training then here I am going to tell you in which field you can go after training.

There are four fields of Join Pak navy where you can go first is Operation and 2nd is Weapon engineering,3rd Marine engineering and last is Supply, In these departments of joining Pak navy, you can work after your training.

Criteria of Supply Branch For Join Pak Navy

For this Course what you need to join Pak navy here I am going to explain the requirements of this course so read carefully if you want to apply for this course and join Pak Navy.

This course is for those young men who completed their graduation in BBA /MBA with a valid stamp of HEC on their degrees and with at least 50% in their result. These can apply for this Course.

What is the method of join pak navy?

First of all, you will apply for this course with all the required documents you can apply for via online Registration. After registration, you will get a date of your date and roll number and the city where you are going to give your test. This test will be your 2nd step to join the Pak navy. After your test, you will get.

Sailor Course for join Pak Navy

If you are thinking to apply as a sailor to join the Pak navy then read some details about this course which can be helpful for you before applying. If you join the Pak navy as a sailor then you will be a normal soldier of the Pak navy on the 7th scale just the same as our constable police officers.

Apply Date For Join Pak Navy

You can apply for this course three times in a year as join Pak navy offers this  course three-time 1st in January,2nd in May and  you can find 3rd add for this course in October

Requirements for join pak navy

There are three types of sailors where you can join Pak navy 1st is technical sailor for this course you require 65% marks in your metric with science subject otherwise you can not apply for this course.

2nd branch is Marine branch sailor for this course you require 60% marks with science subject means you have to get 1st division in your metric result with science subject. If you are not a science subject student then don’t worry arts students can also apply for a course which is Naval Police branch in sailor here you require 50% marks with your metric no matter if you pass your 10th class with science or arts you can apply for this course.

Age to join pak navy?

Only 16-20 years old boys can apply for a technical sailor.17-21 years old boys can apply for the marine branch and for the Naval police branch you should be in between 16-20 years old.

Height to join pak navy ?

If you are 5’4 feet then you can apply for the technical sailor branch if not then sorry you can not join the Pak navy. For a Marine branch sailor your height should be 5.6 feet If not you can apply for the technical branch But can not join the Pak navy as a marine branch sailor. For Naval police, your height should be 5.7” feet if not then don’t worry you can join the Pak navy in other courses like technical or marine branches.

Applying Procedure to join pak navy

You can apply for this course online and offline in both ways for the online application you have to visit the official website of join Pak navy where you find an option of application and apply after one month you will call by there office for a test which will be on the metric level and a medical test if you passed your computer test as you 1st test will be held on a computer with MCQs and also result will be in few minutes those who will pass that test will continue his journey with medical test and those who did pass their 1st test then better luck next time.

After the medical test, you will give a personality test also where you will show some paintings and pictures you will see those images and describe in your words that what those images explain but always write positive things, my friend.

After that test, you will call for an interview where Pak navy’s seniors will ask you some questions related to you and you have to give all answers confident and smartly as some of their questions are hard to understand so think before answering which will be helpful for you.

Academic test is on a metric level in intelligence test you have to solve 25  MCQS where you have to get 40 marks which will be your passing marks and 100 MCQs in an academic level where you have to get 50 marks for passing.

In the Physical test you have to run for 8.5 minutes, 15 push up in 2 min and 15 sit-ups in 2 minutes, and four chin-ups in 2 minutes.

After the physical test, if you pass this test then you will do a medical test where they check your height eyesight and many other things.

NOTE: This test is easier than the PN Cadet test

Final list

If you get your name on the final list then they will inform you by sending a message on your registration number or they will call you to inform you of a final medical as you are selected to join the Pak navy so you have to pass the last final medical test let me tell you what you  will see in this final medical test

In this final test, they check your chest and eyesight for the final time and also check your blood test hopefully you will pass that final medical and after that, they will send you for training.

If you are selected for technical sailor then your training will be sent in PNs qasid and other two branches means Naval and technical ‘s boys will be trained in PNs Himalaya. These two academies are located in Karachi.

The time period of training

For technical sailor training time period is  4 months, for marine branch training time period 8 months and for Naval police training timing is 6 months.

Civilian courses

In this course, you can apply for office to join Pak navy as Clark and many other fields where you can work office work. The process of this course is the same as like sailor where you can get applications and how you can apply for the civilian course.

Also, you can get more details here.

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